Monday, January 26, 2009

Carlton Hotel Mussoorie In Winter

A couple more photos of the beautiful Carlton's Plaisance Hotel in Mussoorie, India. 

The photos are from the very large front lawn, facing the hotel.  There is a lovely hill with a temple behind the hotel.  Kids love running up that mountain.

mussoorie carlton hotel

mussoorie india carlton plaisance hotel

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Restaurant Review - Himawari, San Mateo

Himawari in San Mateo in the bay area (California) is one of my favorite restaurants, specially when its getting close to 9 pm (it doesn't close early, except on Sundays).

Himawari is a Japanese restaurant.  They have sushi, of course.  But their specialty is ramen, udons, and that kind of stuff.

My favorites are the Shio Buttercorn Ramen, and the Tan Tan Men.  Having grown up on Indian food, I prefer a bit more taste, a bit more saltiness in my food, and Himawari delivers.

Favorite side dish - the sesame spinach.  (Although I think all their appetizers are great)

It is located at 202 2nd Ave., San Mateo, CA


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mussoorie Hotel, Carlton's Plaisance

Some more photos of the Carlton's Plaisance hotel in Mussoorie in India.  (Previous photographs are here).

These photos are in winter.  Mussoorie is absolutely beautiful then!

mussoorie hotel carlton

This is the front lawn, which has swings, and a canopied area to sit under (when the weather is good, of course)

carlton hotel mussoorie photos

Monday, January 12, 2009

Restaurant Review - Zao Noodle Bar

Zao Noodle Bar, University Avenue, Palo Alto, California. 

A couple of my friends really like Zao -they say its tasty, healthy, convenient, and decently stylish.  And now for something completely different....

When you order take-out (or take back left-overs), you get one of the great bits of Zao - their plastic bags.  These are tough, resilient, stylish.  They're much better for carrying things than the bags you'd get at Safeway.  You can use them for quite a while, too - they have longevity, I kid you not.

And finally, they're great for odor containment.  I carry an extra Zao's plastic bag in my car at all times.  That way, whenever I get takeout from any restaurant, I can always put it in the Zao's bag, and make sure the car doesn't smell.  

zao noodle bar

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mussoorie, Carlton's Plaisance Hotel Photos

My folks run a bed-and-breakfast in Mussoorie, called Carlton's Plaisance Hotel, up in the Himalayas in India.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Here are some photos of Plaisance in winter.

This is the yard on one side.  There is a table-tennis table, and a half-basketball court here.

carlton hotel mussoorie

This is Bugsie, the playful St. Bernard

carlton hotel mussoorie

mussoorie plaisance hotel

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Page Rank Increase For My Blog

My non-serious cover-all blog,  Capoeirista,  just got a Page Rank bump of +1 ..... its now got a PR=2. 

Ah well, slow and steady, I guess.

vikram blog