Saturday, January 24, 2009

Restaurant Review - Himawari, San Mateo

Himawari in San Mateo in the bay area (California) is one of my favorite restaurants, specially when its getting close to 9 pm (it doesn't close early, except on Sundays).

Himawari is a Japanese restaurant.  They have sushi, of course.  But their specialty is ramen, udons, and that kind of stuff.

My favorites are the Shio Buttercorn Ramen, and the Tan Tan Men.  Having grown up on Indian food, I prefer a bit more taste, a bit more saltiness in my food, and Himawari delivers.

Favorite side dish - the sesame spinach.  (Although I think all their appetizers are great)

It is located at 202 2nd Ave., San Mateo, CA


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