Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Restaurant Review - Mingalaba, Burlingame

In the pursuit of excellent Burmese food, Nikhil found Mingalaba in Burlingame. 


Now Mingalaba is supposed to be a hybrid Burmese-Chinese restaurant.  What?  Well, why not?  Ok, point taken.

So is Mingalaba a good local less crowded alternative to driving all the way up to San Francisco or Alameda (yuck) for Burma Super Star?  Short answer - yep! 

Slightly longer answer - well, its not as good.  Everything is very good.  But Burma Super Star is still just that little bit better... for Burmese food.   So if you have time, patience, 30 minutes to find parking, a big group to hang out with while waiting in the cold for 2 hours for your turn at dinner, and only want Burmese food - go to Burma Super Star.  But if you want something pretty good with none of the hassle,  or if someone in your group wants some Chinese food on the side (or even some orange chicken!) then go to Mingalaba!

Plus, a name like Mingalaba also fuels the first 20 minutes of conversation.... each time you go.  Whats a Mingalaba?  What does it feed on?  Do we give restaurants Mingalabas instead of stars from now on?

Anyway, do go there.  And try the tea leaf salad.  Second only to Burma Super Star.  Try the Palatha, which is their version of Roti Paratha - and very very good.  Try their Pan-fried Okra and Shrimp (funnily a wonderful combination) .  Try it all.  And tell them I sent you.

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